Piano Tuning

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There was a time when piano tuning was a craft passed down from one skilled artisan to the next in a simple line of succession that every small town understood. Today most of us with grand pianos don’t get help through word of mouth, and for increasing numbers of people that means turning to the Internet as a resource for good professionals. Of course it may not surprise you to learn the online community houses as many imposters as competent professionals. And there are few reliable ways to tell the difference until after the damage is done.
Your piano is among the most valuable possessions you will ever own. More than just a musical instrument, it is a conversation piece and gathering place, as adept at Cole Porter as Beethoven and anything else your imagination can fancy. The best way to protect this investment is by retaining the services of people with the ear and experience to make it sing for decades into the future.
Thankfully there are some passionate people who take this craft seriously and charge you nothing more than the face value of their time for the privilege. The best way to ensure you are getting a piano tuning pro who will not rip you off is to retain a team of appraisal experts to see you through the process. These are the guys whose experience can see you through poor workmanship and broken promises and protect the money you’ve invested throughout.
Do yourself a favor and see what the finest piano services can do to streamline this confusing process. A good technician can check the work and charge nothing more than a percentage of the money you’ve saved along the way. When it comes to the highest quality piano tuning, you should expect nothing less than perfect consonance among all interested parties.


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